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 I want to thank God for his miracle working power. Jesus took away my travail. For three years I tried to get pregnant. All my efforts ended in futility. My husband and I decided to do IVF. Through IVF I got pregnant with twins. I carried the pregnancy for seven months after which the pregnancy developed complications. I was then rushed to the hospital during the Christmas of 2013. My problem became very complicated that one of the twin babies dropped and two weeks after the second one also dropped. Every effort to save my pregnancy failed. I spent the Christmas and New Year in the hospital and came back home empty handed.

There was nothing the devil did not tell me. I returned to Church and kept doing my work for God with doubled efforts. During the Power Conference of 2014 my husband and I agreed to make a vow for a miracle baby. We made a vow to donate a TV recording camera to the media department if God will give us a baby. Against every medical projections. I got pregnant again miraculously in October and delivered my baby on the 30th of June 2015.

My joy overflows for Jesus has taken away my shame and made me a mother. Thank you Jesus.



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