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| Text: James 5:17 |

“Elias was a man subject to like passions as we are and he prayed earnestly that it might not rain and it rained not on the earth by the space of three years and six months. And he prayed again, and the Heaven gave rain and the earth brought forth her fruit”.

We need to understand that every divine agenda requires divine hand for it be delivered; and that divine hand can use anything. We must locate the power that God has placed in us and know what His expectation are from us as His people. Many times as believers, we think we cannot do certain things alone until we see the might of a crowd. So, we don’t even attempt some things because of that mindset. But that is a trick of the devil to perpetually frustrate you and make you unable to achieve anything.

As one man, you can deliver a nation. As one man, God can use you to deliver your family. As one man, you can turn your Church around in prayer. It is not always by multitude. Anytime God wants to do any spectacular thing, He is not always ever looking for a committee or a team. He seeks for one man.

Therefore, you do not need to wait for anybody or depend on anybody before you can bring the power of God down upon your life and situation. You can wrestle with God alone and prevail. The scripture we just read said Elias (Elijah) was a man subject to like passion like you and I. Elijah prayed alone. He decreed alone. He stood alone to stop the rain from falling upon the earth. God honoured the prayer that he prayed alone. Elijah did not pray in partnership with anybody else. It was not a team work. There is power on your knees. You can command power on your knees. You need to stop under-rating and under-estimating yourself after now. You are carrying enormous power before God!

There is a type of prayer that you will stand alone to pray and that prayer will affect thousands of lives! Why? Because God will honour your prayer like He honored the prayer of Elijah. One man stood in prayer and there was no rain for 3 and half years! When he was satisfied that he had gotten what he wanted, he prayed again – alone, and the rains came down! You can kneel and prevail alone!
Satan will always try to intimidate you and make you afraid of certain spiritual exercises. Never be afraid to pray. Never be afraid to talk to your Father. In fact, your Father is waiting to hear your voice; and whatever you say to His ears, that’s what he will do (Numbers 14:28).

Elijah was a man; not a congregation, and he was subject to like passion like the rest of us. In order words, he felt emotions and went through the same ordeals that human beings go through, yet he could stand alone to pray some dangerous prayers and the prayers held. Many of you are the saviours of your families. Because of you, your family will be saved! You can prevail as one man in prayer!


In the book of Genesis 32:24-28, the bible says:

“And Jacob was left alone and there wrestled a man with him until the breaking of the day. And when he saw that he prevailed not against him, he touched the hollow of his thigh and the hollow of Jacob’s thigh was out of joint, as he wrestled with him.
And he said, ‘let me go, for the day breaketh. And he said I will not let thee go except thou bless me”. And he said unto him, ‘what is your name’ and he said ‘Jacob’. And he said ‘Thy name shall no more be called Jacob but Israel for as a prince, thou has power with God and men and has prevailed”.

Look at that! Jacob wrestled and prevailed with God as one man! By that wrestling, a fugitive turned out to become a nation! That encounter also brought about a change of name. Did you also see where this one man called Jacob, said to the angel of God Himself, ‘I will not let you go unless you bless me’. Don’t always wait for people because people can rob you of your encounter with God! You can stand alone in prayer and prevail. For every encounter that will get you a change of name and turn you to a thousand men, you will have to fight alone.

Instead of getting weary that he was fighting alone, Jacob fought his way through. This wrestle encounter of Jacob happened over 3000 years ago. The outcome of his encounter is still with us today. Because of him, the nation of Israel is still waxing stronger than before.
There are many people who will not come to Church except they know that somebody else is there. Such people are not ready to meet with God. When it comes to spiritual things, everybody is on his own. Don’t let people waste your time! You don’t know what your neighbor has chosen to do. Don’t let anyone waste your opportunity and talk you out of your visitation with God.


There comes a time when you must tell people to leave you alone to fight your battles and have your encounters and seek God for myself. As a man, Elijah stopped the rain. As a man, Jacob wrestled with destiny and stopped the frustration of his life and got a change of name overnight! He prevailed with God. No matter what struggles you have gone through in life, you can still prevail in the place of prayer.

God is not looking for a multitude. In Ezekiel 22:30, God says,

“I sought for a man among them, that should make up the hedge, and stand in the gap for the land that I should not destroy it; but I found none”.

In order words, He was looking for one man to stand in the gap before Him; but He says He found none. If God can find one man that will be set on fire, revival will break out! God is not looking for a group of friends that will want to wear aso-ebi and come to Church on Sunday to show off. One vessel is enough for God – one man who will be concerned about things that are concerns to God. One with God is in the majority. God is looking for one man that will catch the vision. One man can win a thousand souls! Can you let that man be you?

If Jesus comes NOW, He will be asking every man to give account of the talents that God deposited in him. You will be required to account for your stewardship. How much good have you got to talk about? As you are crying to God and saying: ‘God give me this money’. ‘God give me that car’. ‘God give me this break-through!’ Assuming God is saying, ‘I need one soul from you every week’, have you got that report card to show? May God find you useful!

1n 1 Kings 18:41-45, Elijah was on Mount Carmel alone again with God, as one man, to recall the rain, after he had shut down rain for 3 and half years. It is time to take stock of our lives and begin to ask ourselves questions, to find out how spiritually useful we are. Can God depend on us? Can God look in our direction without being disappointed?

Elijah prayed until what he was looking for happened. The bible says he kept sending someone to go and check the skies to see if something like rain was coming. He refused to get weary and give up, like a man who is praying alone may be tempted to. Elijah did not give up. He prayed until something happened. That’s what they call P.U.S.H! You must pray until something happens.
Persistent prayers is what births outstanding miracles. Stand your ground in prayer! Your Christianity is not a bread and butter Christianity. Be ready to wait until your change comes. Elijah sent Gehazi to check the clouds over and over again until Gehazi came and said he saw a small sign in the clouds that looked like the fist of a man.

Listen to me, your rain is already here! It will fall in your life! It will fall in your house! It will fall in your career and businesses, in the name of Jesus!

God will get Himself victory with one man that is available. He doesn’t need a multitude. Stand before God and call the things that be not as though they were! Heaven will respond to you! In Genesis 18:32-33, you will see Abraham standing alone to intercede for the nation of Sodom and Gomorrah! He brought forth reasons why God should not destroy the city. God was speaking back to him and that is the honour you will get when you honour God in the place of prevailing prayer as one man!

Don’t be in the habit of following people. Not everybody in Church is going to Heaven. There are people who are in church, yet they are manipulators and agents of the devil; looking for destinies to devour and destroy. So when somebody is calling to tell you that he/she will not be in Church; do not let that dictate what you do for yourself. Go to Church and meet with God; not man!

As a Powerliner, you must realize that you are not the only Christian in this world. What you are taking for granted, others are jumping for it! Do you know that there are people who transverse and drive very long distances to go to Church, at least twice in a week? Is it not the same God that you, that is being unserious, is worshipping with another that is fervent and serious? What price are you paying to seek God? When God puts your seriousness on a weighing scale, what would you weigh? Why would you wait to be begged and lobbied for you to serve the God that wakes you up every day? Would God be justified to give the same measure of miracle that He gave to the one that arrived at the altar at 6am, to you that strolled in leisurely at 11am, for a service that started at 9am? If I were God, I will not treat the two people the same way. God is weighing your responsibility and levels of discipline! You can overcome, but you need to sit up!

Nigeria is experiencing boiling turbulence now. The Fulanis have gathered themselves and said they will slaughter anyone who does not allow them to feed their cows anywhere, anyhow. They say that any resistance will be met with the spilling of blood. They call it a holy war; and they have even said that nobody will do anything to them. So, do you plan to sit there and carry on like God is waiting for you? The Church needs to be the Church! The Church needs to arise in these end times; and we can do it!

The Fulanis will face themselves, in the name of Jesus! We are going to call on God to arise for us and do what He did for Jehoshaphat. We must stop all the spiritual laziness. Do you know there are many that see going to Church as an inconvenience? How can anybody think that?
Abraham was called out from his own town; and he said, ‘where am I going O Lord’, and God said, ‘I will show you. Just follow me’ (parqphrased).

Abraham gave God absolute obedience. He followed even though he didn’t know where the journey was leading! Do you still not understand how God made him great? He stood and won as one man. You will stand and win as one man, in the name of Jesus!
Uphold your destiny by standing before God! Those who seek the face of God end up eventually looking like Him and operating like Him. When you talk about seeking God, you are on your own with God. There is no husband who can do it for the wife and there is no wife who can do it for the husband. Everyone is for himself and will give account for himself/herself.

You need to stir yourself up by yourself. God told Timothy to remember the gift within him that was placed by the laying of hands (2 Timothy 1:7) Stir up your spirit! Stir it up! Stir up the gift of the Holy Ghost in you on daily basis by praying! If you don’t, the Holy Ghost will be dormant in you and you will fail! May that not be your story, in the name of Jesus!


Look at somebody like Hannah who was her neighbor’s laughing stock. She was made jest of. Why? Because Hannah married the same man that Penninah married, yet Penninah had many children but Hannah had none! When she was getting desperate, her husband tried to lobby her with words. Eventually Hannah had to tell her self that enough was enough. She didn’t want to be pampered out of her destiny. She didn’t wait for nobody to tell her to go before God alone and pray a fervent prayer. She knew that the situation was critical. The bible said she rose up after they had eaten the evening meal at Shiloh and went before God alone, to pour out her soul. (1 Samuel 1:9-12).

Let me tell you: whatever is afflicting you will take you through the bitterness of soul that will drag you before God! When you are done, people will look at you and see visible signs of transformation!
While Hannah prayed, the bible says her lips were moving but no sound came through. The bible also says that Eli observed her and marked her mouth.

Listen to me: when you say you pray like a believer and you never have wet eyes, I wonder the kind of prayer you pray. I went somewhere a week ago and I saw a group of young people who were just wasting away. I looked at the lives that Satan was just wasting away, and tears just poured from my eyes. And somebody beside me asked me: Why are you shedding tears?”. Why am I shedding tears? Couldn’t he see the wasting?

People are so hardened these days that nothing moves them, including their own suffering and failures. They just keep moving day by day expecting something to jump down from Heaven. God will not do anything without your active co-operation.

Hannah resisted her situation and refused to take it anymore, and she demonstrated it.
Anything that the enemy will be looking at and saying, ‘Where is your God?’; that thing must be kicked out! The message I am bringing to you is that nobody will have to do it for you! If Hannah could do it, you can do it. You will have to stand up for yourself! Esther said, ‘if I perish, I perish’. (Esther 6:14).

Hannah received Samuel. Your Samuel will come!

Your Samuel is the representation of that miracle and expectation that you have. Your Samuel could be your career, or that baby, or that building you want to put up. Your Samuel could be anything, but whatever your Samuel represents, it shall be born on the wings of prevailing prayers! You have come from so long enough! Rise and take your journey!

In these days, you don’t need anybody to beg you to fast! Some Christians don’t fast. They patronize themselves and find all manner of gratifying excuses to run away from the rigor of fasting. But you see, when troubles come, nobody will tell you to fast. May troubles not force you to fast, in the name of Jesus!

So, you need to arise and do what you’ve got to do. Stop being lazy. You’ve got to stand up for yourself and prevail. In Mark 7:11, the bible says,

“If ye then being evil know how to give good gifts to your children; how much more then, your father which is in Heaven, give good gifts to them that ask Him”.

Your testimony will count! Whatever you ask God in faith, you will have it, in the name of Jesus!


Jesus also demonstrated that you can prevail as one man. We should never ever be intimated not to stand alone. No!

In Matthew 26, we were told that Jesus went to the Garden of Gethsamene with his disciples but when it was time to pray, the disciples slept an unusual sleep. It was a demonic sleep because Jesus is with them praying such intensive prayer that made the sweat on him look like drops of blood; yet some steps away from him, somebody is snoring! Jesus prevailed and prayed alone until the Father said, ‘Son, you can do it. You will do it. Nobody will climb the Cross for you; you will climb it alone and prevail’ (paraphrased). Jesus went alone.

Let me tell you: there are different LEVELS OF PRAYER.

There is a level where you begin to GROAN. The bible says the Holy spirit will help you and you will groan with words that cannot be uttered. When you go into deep intercession for yourself, for your family for your brothers and sisters, for your Church or for whatever it is that you are praying for, it gets to a level in that prayer where the pains of the prayer holds your bowel and you don’t know when you get into the level of groaning. You must get to this level, except you want to remain a ‘shallow water’ Christian.

Another level in prayer is called TRAVAILING PRAYER. That is the level where you bring forth miracles. That’s why the scripture says,
‘Shall the earth be made to bring forth in one day; or shall a nation be born at once? But as soon as Zion travaileth, she brought forth her children?’ (Isaiah 66:-8b)

God is using the Labour Ward where a woman is delivering a child to analyze how prayer can be like giving birth. When you go into that place, you will feel for yourself that somebody went through this to produce you. You will come face to face with the pain and agony and travail that the woman had to go through! When the woman is going through all that travail, she’s not looking at your face, and she’s not looking at the colour of dress you are wearing. No woman goes through the Labour Ward with Make Up and Lipstick. When they say ‘push’, you will hear different kinds of yelling from the same woman!

You want to give birth to a miracle? It takes travailing prayer to deliver outstanding miracles. This situation of today’s Christianity where people sleep for 20hours out of 24 hours of the day, and then they are wanting and expecting miracles; I don’t know how that can happen. People never wake at 12 midnight to pray anymore! You’ve got to discipline yourself because you’ve got to stand for yourself!

Don’t depend on people! You are the best evidence that prayer is going on, on your behalf. Do you go to sleep because a pastor or somebody else tells you he/she is praying for you? That would be foolish! A lot of people who tell you they are praying for you may be just saying it. Somebody who cannot pray for his own business or pray for his children will have time to pray for you? Don’t be a dreamer! Don’t depend on anyone! Don’t allow your destiny to be manipulated for disappointment! Stand for yourself! Stand for your marriage! Stand for your children! Stand for your future! Stand for your Church! And stand for Nigeria!

In these trying times, those Fulani people have said that Nigeria is their own and that their father, Usman Dan Fodio conquered the territory called Nigeria and gave to them; and that there is no part of Nigeria that does not belong to them. I hear and read that they say that any natural resources anywhere in Nigeria is their heritage; and that they want to get back what is rightly theirs. It’s like a bad dream to me, but you know: if we don’t pray, bad dream can turn to reality.

We’ve seen situation like this before, where we thought the people we voted into power and thought will rise and do the needful are not doing it. It’s like here is no government anywhere around our environment because a segment can rise and slaughter others like cows and go scott-free. If you read it online, they say that everyone else is their slave and that they will not let their slaves go.

But the God that delivered Israel out of Egypt will deliver Nigeria! The plagues of Egypt will be re-enacted one more time! The God that raised Moses is not dead yet! The God that divided the Red Sea is not a dead God! The God of the battle of Ai is yet alive! The God that drowned Pharoah’s men and their chariots is alive forever! We will pray! Stand to your feet. Groan and prevail, in the name of Jesus; Son of the Living God!