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Sacrifice is the gateway to unending, limitless and ever-flowing abundance. It guarantees abundance of favour, opportunity, good health, joy and all the good things you can think of. 

A sacrifice is a thing of value given freely to God to access the realm and level of your desire.

Sacrifice is the only known power behind all occultic groups around the world. Satan is a copycat. Himself and his workers of evil copied it from God. They did not originate it; and you don’t need to join cult to become all that God wants you to be. You must know this truth because only the truth can set you free.

Sacrifice broke the back of 430 years of stagnation of Israel in Egypt. The blood of the lamb in sacrifice crippled Pharoah.

All power and authority came to Jesus by sacrifice. Jesus would not have made any meaning to the world except by the sacrifice He made. He laid down His life. Today, the name of Jesus is above every other name. Sacrifice made it so!

Sacrifice delivers to you, things you couldn’t access by your intellect and abilities. Cultists make sacrifices on a regular basis to establish and maintain their supremacy in fame, wealth, influence and what have you.

Sacrifice gives a people edge over another. A superior sacrifice delivers superior gains. The pain of sacrifice is tearful but the gain of it is gain-full. You cannot be denied after you make a worthy sacrifice. Sacrifice keeps your gates open for the blessings of God to flow in, day and night.


Mere giving is different from sacrificial giving. An authentic sacrifice is:

1. COSTLY: A sacrifice is not cheap but painful.

2. It is not measured in quantity but in QUALITY. 

3. It is NOT CONVENIENT and it is not done from your comfort zone.

4. A sacrifice that is not AUTHENTIC and TRUE cannot deliver the expectations of a sacrifice.

A sacrifice will turn your life around. Jesus gave Himself for you as ransom so that your own blood will not be shed. His blood is still speaking on the Throne of God concerning you. A sacrifice may be painful but it is always full of gain.


■ Sacrifice is a give-away. He who gives for His sake shall save it.
| Matthew 16:25 |. 

■ Sacrifice is casting your bread upon the waters. | Isaiah 55:10 | Ecclesiatics 11:1 |.

Seed is for the sower (for sowing); and bread is for the eater (for eating). Both seed and bread are given by God. When you turn your bread into seed, you will always find your bread coming back to you in greater weight and abundance than you cast it. | Ecclesiastics 11:1 |.

What has been your best sacrifice? What have you parted with that brought you tears and pain?

What we do for God must cost us for it to produce the spectacular results we require and expect. 

In 2 Samuel 24:2-25, David paid for the piece of land whereupon he offered sacrifice to God to end the plague of death upon his subjects. David said he will not give God something that cost him nothing. 

You cannot shy away from making sacrifices and turn around to say that prayer does not work. Prayer works! Let no one deceive you! A sacrifice tied to a prayer produces awesome results! It turns away wrath. 

Sacrifices have the capacity to reverse plagues; be they of infirmity, barrenness, poverty, lack, untimely death and destruction. You secure what your power couldn’t have secured by sacrifice.

In 1 Kings 17:7-16, the widow of Zarephath prepared her last meal; not for herself but for someone else. She prepared her last meal for Elijah, the prophet of God. But guess what? She never suffered lack any more! Sacrifice secured her destiny and her future. Your sacrifice will speak for you on the day of trouble!

■ Sacrifice is giving to a point of death. God gave His Only Begotten. By your sacrifice, it might seem like you are terminating the journey of a generation.

In Genesis 8:11, 20-21, Noah sacrificed male and female of every beast which he had taken into the ark; yet the earth is filled with all manner of beasts!

Abraham made Isaac ready. His knowledge that God is able yet, to raise Isaac, gave him all the confidence he needed.

Do you believe God? What do you require to enlarge and expand? Make a sacrifice for it. 


■ The altar of sacrifice is the altar of reversals.  Noah’s sacrifice reversed God’s curse upon the earth.

■ Enactment of Convenant. Sacrifice takes you from the level of Promise to the level of Convenant. Meeting the command of God by sacrifice delivers the manifestation of His promises.


A lot of people remain at the level of disqualification because of CHARACTER FLAWS. They remain  battling at the level of promise instead of moving up to the level of Convenant.  

▪How is YOUR HEART OF OFFERING? In Convenant, your heart must FIRST be acceptable, before the sacrifice. God loves a cheerful giver.

▪Have you ESTABLISHed A CONVENANT yet BY SACRIFICE? Partnership is established in Convenants. Partnership means you have become a co-owner of the Title or possession. The level of Convenant is the level of co-ownership with God. At the promise level, you are the one looking and begging and asking for things. At Convenant level, things will look for you and run after you.
| Matthew 6:33 |

▪God appreciates YOUR WIDOW’S MITE.
There is an avenue and a way of escape for you to arrive at your land of promise. Everyone is at a different level. Each stage of your life is your level per time and God will honour it. You must be faithful where you are.

▪Are you offering quantity or QUALITY SACRIFICE?
Refuse to remain a baby that only knows how to receive and not give back; even to the One that has given to you. Develop your faith and be able to launch into progressive levels. It is the developed muscle that will carry weight.

Do not keep away what God has given you from God. Everything you do to move the gospel and the kingdom of God forward is counted to you as sacrifice. If you are truly born of God, you can never see shame; for whatever is born of God overcomes the world.


Convenants are ratified by sacrifice.
God is a convenant-keeping God and will honour your sacrifice. Abraham moved from the level of promise to the level Convenant by the offering of his only son. God is obligated to meet your needs when you offer sacrifices unto Him.
Sacrifice will deliver to you the biggest needs of your life.

Do not get frustrated. The force of sacrifice is in your hands. Use it. Your freedom, liberty, elevation and desires will be established. Offer God something that cost you something! That, is sacrifice!



#1: Ask for grace to live a life of sacrifice.


#2: My God and my Father, help me not to consider the pains of sacrifice.

#3: Lord by your cover of protection and security, I will not be used to service any altar of sacrifice. Not my head; Not my blood! I will not be sacrificed for anybody’s promotion, in the name of Jesus!

#4: My family will not receive the gift of a coffin, in Jesus name!

#5: Every occultic power demanding blood to further their evil agenda, die by fire, in the name of Jesus!

COVERING PRAYERS | Bishop Lawrence Osagie |

As you live sacrificially for God, anything that will confuse your life and make you an emergency; I command them to run out of your life, in the name of Jesus Christ! The Blood of Jesus speaks for you! The Blood of Jesus speaks for your family, in the name of Jesus, the Son of the Living God!