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| Text: 1 Peter 2:1-2 |

“Lay aside all malice and all guile and hypocrisies. As new born babies, desire the milk of the word that you may grow thereby”.

Now, growth is a characteristic of living life. Growth shows that you are alive. You must grow and mature as a believer. If you are not growing, something is wrong. If you are not growing, there are parts of your destiny that you cannot step into. There are inheritances in God that you cannot claim because the word of God clearly states to us that a child, for as long as he is a child, remains a servant. Even though the Will left for him by his rich father is loaded with all manner of things, a child cannot enjoy what is in the will; somebody has to manage the estate on his behalf. Why? Because he is still a child.

That’s exactly why it is important that you ask yourself: “Am I growing? Am I maturing?. Am I advancing in spiritual things or am I stagnated? Am I experiencing a plateau when it comes to spiritual advancement and spiritual growth? The level of your spiritual growth is your fault. Nobody can grow up for you! None can grow up for me.

There are certain things you must do to bring about growth. Just like a child has to be fed properly from the beginning so he can have a healthy life; so it is also in spiritual matters. You’ve got to ensure that you are feeding on proper spiritual diet, so you can grow! And let me tell you, a spiritual man has no other food that he feeds on other than the word of the living God. You’ve got to grow in the Word of God! That’s exactly what establishes your confidence in your spiritual walk with God – your goals and your development in the word of God.

Hear this word: Your true value in life is in the Word. Now, if all you have and possess in this life is all earthly material wealth and possession, you are worthless. That is strong but that’s the truth! That’s exactly why you have to ensure everything to grow in the word because your value in life is the word of God in you. It is not the amount of money you have in your bank account, not your dollars, not the number of houses you own; No! Not the number of ships you have cruising in the ocean, not the number of airplanes that you have; No! Those are not the things that represent your value in God. Your true value is the word of God in you.

Why do I say so? If your life is only valued by your material earthly wealth and possession, you can be bankrupt within one second. One storm can wipe you out. One storm can reduce you to nothing. There was this man that was so wealthy; very wealthy that he became somebody that his entire family looked up to. He was a good man but he was not a God man. That you are good does not mean that you are of God.

So this man was rising in profile and in wealth, then suddenly, his health began to fail. The situation became so bad that he cleared all his bank balance. When his bank balance finished, the next front was to sell one of his houses. He had 7 of them. He was left with 6 after he sold one, and the entire proceed went into looking for an answer, and there was no answer. So, he sold the second one. Mind you, this is one storm, not two storms! He sold the third one, sold the fourth one, sold the fifth one, sold the 6th one and yet there was no answer anywhere!

I decree over you, that arrow that will liquidate you and return you to zero, I command it to be destroyed now! It will never happen to you! It will never happen in your family. In the name of Jesus Christ, the Lord!

So this man was about to sell the 7th house. And as he was about to sell, someone suggested to him, ‘let us go visit a Church where the word of God is preached and where miracles abound’. The man obliged because he had done all that he knew to do. It was only one visit and the wealth instantaneously returned. The man of God prayed the Word in 1 Peter 2:24, saying: “By His stripes you are healed’.
That arrow of infirmity that was raised against the man; that was liquidating him and reducing him to nothing; that arrow heard the word of the living God and let go of the man’s body and went back to sender!

I pray for you today; any arrow of the wicked that is working inside your life, I command it by the power of God, go back to sender!

One word from God can change your entire life. One word you know from God can become the answer that you are looking for! That man didn’t have to sell another house. He didn’t even have to pay a dime for the answer he was looking for.
I have been sent to you: whatever the devil has planned to humiliate you and to embarrass you in life, I declare it overthrown, in the name of Jesus!

The most valuable thing you have in your life and carry in your spirit is not your bank account because there are things that may come that your bank account will have no power over. The word of God that can confront and reduce to nothing, any circumstantial situation of life, is what you need and should go after, more than your necessary food. Have a craving and a thirst and a yearning and appetite for the word of God that no one else can satisfy but the Holy Ghost. The word of God will put you on top of any circumstance of life.

Remember the man called Noah? Noah lived in a perverse and evil generation; a generation that didn’t want to know anything about God. They were immoral. They were wicked. They were practicing witchcraft, and God said ‘it is finished with this generation. I need to clear them out of sight’. God exempted one man that was carrying the word of God in his belly; and that man was Noah.

Are you hiding the word in your heart? The Word, hidden in your belly prevents you from sinning against God. (Psalms 119:11) It is not because someone just wants people in Church that you come to Church. Something happens to you when you come to Church. The Spirit of the Word enters you. When it is entering you, you may not need it that very day, but a day is coming when the storm of life comes to visit you; and you must not be found empty! You will not be found empty, in the name of Jesus!

That’s what we are talking about! It is not just about going to Church. You’ve got to be concerned about the kind of Church you go. A church where they get you excited to jump and they put nothing in you that will sustain you in time of crisis is no Church! I don’t care how big it is! But there are Churches that are word-based; Churches that are servicing the human destiny with the Word of God. Churches that have the right word with the right motive.
You are being equipped for your tomorrow. You cannot die young. Why? Because you have the revelation that gives life. It doesn’t matter how your body is feeling now but it is all about your destiny. Look, when we all get to 120 years of age, we will be saluting one another! I don’t care how painful and difficult it was for you to get out of your bed and come, but hear me: 120 years is beckoning on you! You are getting there! You will get there!

There was a man whom the Word of God dwelt in and that man was Noah. The Word of God will always keep you above the storms of life! The Word of God will always keep you floating on the circumstances of life. If you are a carrier of the Word of God, you can never drown by the situations of life. That’s why you need to go with the Word. That’s why you need to be a part of the spiritual growth department; studying the Word of God to show yourself approved unto God; a workman that need not be ashamed but rightly dividing the word of truth (2 Timothy 2:15). It is your responsibility. How I wish I can do it for you but you don’t do it for anyone. You are just shown how to and you take your initiative and begin to load yourself up with the Word.

You know God had said a flood was coming but that flood was not meant for those who were containers of the Word. It was meant for what can be destroyed. If there is anything that is indestructible, it is the Word of God. The Word of God in you makes you an indestructible, indomitable entity. It doesn’t matter where the scud missile is coming from, it will go back to sender! Let your appetite and desire for the Word of God explode today for the rest of your life!

When we talk about growing in the Word, it is not a momentary thing. It is a lifetime project. This is what you need to sustain yourself and keep yourself afloat in this world of wickedness until the end comes. Let me say it right here: you will not die before your time! In the name of Jesus!

The floods came. The foundations were breaking to pieces. The men who mocked and despised the Word of God before Noah ran to where the Word was. All those who are mocking you and winking their noses at you now, calling you ‘church man’ ‘church lady, always carrying bible’; you shall see; one day, they will run to you for help and that day is coming quickly! When the bubble bursts, they will run for help and the only help they can find would be the carrier of the Word. Glory be to God!

Who is that carrier of the Word? They ran to Noah’s place. They ran to the ark that contained the Word. They ran to the ark that contained the presence and the power and the majesty and the glory of God but behold the door to the ark was already closed. Too late!! May it not be too late for someone here!

This is the time to open your bible. This is the time to burn your light in the midnight, to search for your name in the Word of God; to search for your destiny in the Word of God, to search for the Will of God concerning your future and your tomorrow. No one can kill a man that knows where he is going. And the Word of God is the revelation of your life and your future. It is your compass. Scripture says, ‘My people are destroyed because of lack of knowledge (Hosea 4:6| Proverbs 10:21) When the flood came, when the flood pumped out destruction. Only the Word can hold you afloat through floods of life.


Watch out for Chronicles of Bishop Lawrence Osagie’s teachings. It’s an all-in-one Compendium of his Live sermons. Grow in the Word! God bless YOU!

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